Founded in 1995, Informzaschita is now a system integrator and the Russian leading service company specializing in information security solutions for automated systems that serve various purposes and have any degree of complexity.
The system integrator is a part of Informzaschita Group of Companies that has taken the leading positions on the Russian IS market. The Informzaschita Group specializes in ensuring the information security of automated control systems and has been the leader on the Russian market for many years. Along with the system integrator, the Group includes other four companies today: the National Attestation Center, Informzaschita Training Center, Spacebit and Informzaschita-Service.
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Informzaschita is the certified partner of the number of the world's leading vendors and operates according to the licenses of the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control (FSTEC), Federal Security Service (FSS) of Russia and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

The system integrator is the certified partner of the world's largest security solution providers: Security Code, Positive Technologies, Kaspersky Lab, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd., InfoWatch, Forcepoint, Arbor, Aladdin R.D., Cisco Systems, IBM (IBM ISS), Imperva, Micro Focus, etc. Our partnership with PCI Security Standards Council, an international body for standardization of payment system security requirements, allows us to conduct audits of compliance with the PCI DSS international standard.
At the beginning of the year, Informzashita became the first company in Russia to confirm PCI ASV status under the rules of 2018, and also for the eleventh time successfully passed the annual recertification and confirmed the status of PCI Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV). It is necessary to provide customers with ASV-scanning service, which is an important part of the package of work to bring PCI DSS compliance.
The company focuses on providing the information security services of the modern automated systems of any complexity. The company offers consulting, audition and security systems analysis, implements, delivers and supports specialized technical solutions.

The company's mission is to make sure that its customers use modern information technologies while keeping their business protected.
We offer efficient, high-quality turn-key solutions enabling our customers to:
Protect their business
Comply with national and international standards and regulations
Obtain a competitive edge by running a secure business.
In the preceding year, the Company implemented about 300 projects for state-run organizations, financial sector companies, defense and law enforcement agencies and other branches of the Russian economy.
In 2016 year Informzaschita company set up the Industrial safety center comprised of highly skilled professionals with unique competences in information and industrial safety, as well as in implementation of complex projects for SCADA protection. In the field of protection of industrial systems and critical infrastructures Informzaschita services are unique and include more than 50 activity types, that may be performed for both individual projects and package programs in upgrading the industrial systems reliability and safety.
For the full range of works with financial organizations Informzaschita has set up the separate Center for fraud management, which works on creating and integrating anti-fraud systems and audit of financial organizations, in addition offering a wide spectrum of services involving fight against fraud and performing a complete set of works on building and supporting any workflow of applications protection system.
The present-day increasing cyber-threats pose a real threat and require an absolutely fresh approach to protection. Security Operation Center (IZ:SOC), which provides a set of services from monitoring and detecting incidents to helping in response, including immediate managing the process of neutralizing the threats and minimizing unexpected losses. By providing IZ:SOC service Informzaschita offers clients the high qualification of the employees with already aligned processes, including vulnerability control, security events monitoring, incidents response, cyber-enabled intelligence, administration of assets and more.
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